Rejuvenating Indian Ayurvedic Massage: –

 Full body massage with Indian herbal oil by the experts from Kerala – India. It includes head to foot massage by hands, whole body cleaned with hot water towel or can opt for hot water bath.

Price:  Qr.140 per Hour                         *             Qr.200 per 1:30minutes *             Qr.250 per 2 Hours.



Massage therapy for Joint Pain: –

Ayurvedic treatment massage with medicated oil for effected part by fomentation therapy done with medicated pouches to ease pain, swelling and stiffness & cleaned with hot water towel.

Price: Qr. 70 per 30 minutes               *             Qr.90 per 45 minutes                     *             Qr.140 per 1 Hour.



Body Sprain or joints sprain: –

Massage with medicated oil and plastering by Bandage with herbal medicine if necessary.

Price: – Qr. 70/ 30 minutes  *             Qr. 90 / 45 minutes.



Traditional  Thai Massage: –

Pressure massage done with aromatic oil all over the body with certain pressure and stretching in traditional way by experts from Thailand and Philippine.

Price: Qr.140/Hour                 *             Qr.200 /1.30minutes                      *           Qr.250 / 2 Hours.